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  • I can't swim. I blame it on genetics. It was inviting, but all things pointed to me sitting on the deck just enjoying from afar. The boat seemed to be the only one who had the right idea. Ride on top of the wave. Don't get sucked in.

    I teased the idea of jumping in. I stuck my toe in the water only to find the water was much colder than I thought. Especially compared to heat on the surface. I stuck my head over the ledge and saw my reflection in the water. Maybe it was about that time.

    I dived in head first. The water consumed every inch of my body. Within a few moments the frigid water turned into cool warmth. I shook it off. I flailed for what seemed like eons. But I got it! I opened my eyes and worked towards the shallow bottom of the lake. Swam past a swordfish, I even lost my red shirt to the lake. Two yellow fishes poked at me, but I ignored them, I needed to get back to the surface before I possibly drowned.

    I splashed the water in triumph; even pointed to the boat in celebration. I jumped in unscathed. I survived!

    "Turn around and smile!" I heard a voice and obliged. Turns out I was still dry. I didn't go in at all. I imagined it all.

    As if it knew I hallucinated, a huge wave came up over the deck and drenched me in salt water.

    I turned around and walked to the kiddie pool. I can't swim.

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