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  • My big brother Dean and i spent 15 minutes at the checkout counter at Shell yesterday talking with Jamal. I have known him for a while in passing but one simple question about the effectiveness of male enhancement pills took us to a new level, with Jamal in the captain's chair. He said that people regularly buy the sexy time pills and that some times it is for their special time with their wives and other times, for "illegal accounts." He said that if you don't see something directly with your eyes that God says you should never judge someone for what you suspect them of, but because of certain patterns, like taking them at 12 noon at the counter when they surely weren't headed home to their wife, that he suspects many use them for such illegal accounts. He said that he wouldn't take them because then his wife might get used to him at 90 and the day he doesn't take it and can only get up to 30, she would be dissatisfied. So 30 has to be good enough and there is a value in consistency. Then he told us about how the world has changed more than it should have and it shows up in little ways like people waking other people up to ask them if they are asleep or interrupting them reading the paper to ask if they are in fact reading the paper. He said with conviction that the only thing that is left to change and hasn't yet is the sun rising in the west. That's the only thing. From there we turned to India, his point of origin and he said the best mangoes in the world are found there. He told us there are Kama Sutra inscriptions on walls there that are 11,000 years old and that India has some of the oldest recorded history, they just didn't have any pyramids. At this point i started recording with my phone and the remainder of this will be verbatim. The audio doesn't hold up too well so i didn't include it. Read on, you will be glad you did.

    "11,000 years back they are having the group sex, which nobody will talk about now. If i tell, even if i speak, now if you ask a guy anything about the sex he says, No, no, no, no, no! I don't cheat my wife, no. I have a wife, i have a wife. Okay, you have a wife you don't cheat, but what about thousand woman you are thinking about here (gestures to his head). Do you think he's thinking about only his wife... nooooo! No, i don't think, he is watching every woman on the street... (i chime in, we were just talking about that)... He, he, he's fucking with his imagination! (Dean laughs in appreciation and surprise) I tell people, come out of imagination, don't imagine, you will lose your health. Do it, do it! And get rid of it. Do it and get rid of the desire. And you will be more peaceful in mind, your mind will work like a master. (man comes in for cigarettes and $25 unleaded on pump 5) People, you know they evolve, but in the same life they don't want to come out of their circle, they don't want to get promote them self, they stick to one place... If you don't have a promotion in your life... you are like a two legged animal. Who got up in the morning, go out graze the grass, come back in the evening... He is a four legged cattle all his life. If you don't have a promotion in your life, look for some Promotion, look for some Change. It's not a miracle. You can have in thinking, AT LEAST, AT LEAST if you want to think that. That, i want to be rich! I want to be rich! (pauses thinking) Where there is a will, there is a way... So you always look for a chance, you don't work all your life like a clerk or like a one person. Today you should join the company, tomorrow you should be the boss. Right? (Dean agrees) There should be change. Unless you change your thinking there is not going to be change. You have to have a good relation with the people, you have to know what you're talking, you have to think before you're talking, you have to think what the other person has said to you. Hey when i was talking to that person you know he said blah blah blah, and he said you know, there is a company, there is a chance, it's open, there's a lot of opportunity... You can call him back and say... Just listen from here (gestures towards heart) and you're going to live everything from here (from heart again) and your life is going to be safe. And everything what you do you have to do with your heart. Doesn't matter if you're a barber (i ask him to repeat himself), even if you're a BARBER, do it in a style. Everybody should talk "That barber, let's go to that barber." Be number 1 in, doesn't matter, even if you sweep the street, it's okay. You are doing the right job. It's not wrong. It's not low level to do that. Fantastic. Everyone should look at him and say that guy has a style (Dean says he's right on). So, that's how the people that find and catch and get a promotion. You have to have a contact with a God. You have to have a contact with a God. I never met God but i have a contact."

    After this a man came in and payed for gas and we continued to talk for about 5 more minutes about a guru from India named Rajneesh who brought 2,000 of his followers to Oregon and set up a commune that ultimately went bad. At it's height his followers had bought him 93 Rolls Royces. It ended in attempted murder, poisonings and deportations. Jamal said that he was also asked to leave "because he started something wrong talking about Jesus." We talked a bit more about this and that but slowly said our goodbyes and inched our way out the door, happy to have another new friend.

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