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  • Mother Nature saved her best til last. The day before I was due to leave this remarkable place I rose before dawn to make the most of every second.

    Initially, there was a mere hint of colour telling me that that the sun was on her way. As she rose over the ancient rock escarpment, she set the sky on fire, an unexpected blaze of rich colour; gold, yellow, orange and red, reflecting on the ribbed clouds like a pathway to heaven.

    As she rose still higher, the colours softened to lemon, pink, lilac, blue. And all the while, the ever changing colour pallet mirrored in the gently moving sea, lapping quietly, in harmony with the splendour of the morning.

    I stood on the rocks and looked out to sea, peeling my eyes away from the rising of the sun, and looking through the window to another world - a perfect high arch of a rainbow: to the south touching a sand spit far down the beach, and to the north, sinking into the sea over the reef. The very fact of being a witness to such beauty was my pot of gold.

    The colours intensified as the sun rose higher, and a double reward – a second rainbow developing on the outer edges. The grey of the sky through the looking glass transformed to a haze of yellow, orange and pink light, all melded together, a miracle.

    And then it was gone. The sun breaking through the clouds and melting everything away as if it had never been, leaving me breathless, my senses shaken, and my very being somehow changed.

    “Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”, so goes the saying – but whatever the “Shepherd” was warning about, Mother Nature had given me a gift which is indelibly printed on my mind.

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