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  • "You must meet Iris," Heather said.

    "You must meet Gian Luca," Iris said.

    "Come to the Villa," Gian Luca said.

    And so I did.

    Odd, but innocent: a visit to a villa to meet a work colleague.

    That was all.

    We ate and walked through olive groves.

    We climbed fences and talked about God.

    We shopped for food; we drank wine at sunset.

    Then we laid on a hammock and looked at the stars.

    We agreed to meet one more time to eat the best pizza in Rome.

    That was all.

    The next morning, I boarded a train for Rome.

    The following night, again, we ate.

    Again, we drank wine at sunset.

    Then we walked to the Colosseo, looked at the stars and embraced.

    Mouth touched mouth, head leaned against heart.

    That was all.

    The next morning, I boarded a plane for America.

    "What would Iris say?" I asked.

    "She would say, 'The boy who was always busy, buried in work and not thinking of romance is now plotting a romantic getaway? Insane!'"

    "What would you say?" I asked.

    "There is a time for everything. And a person too."

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