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  • So you want to take your first step into new territory; to start a new blog like, oh, I dunno, Cowbird, but you don't know where to start or how to take that first step because it's new and it's different and you're otherwise known to spout intelligent stuff about writing and editing on your other social platforms and it makes you think that it'll be hard to start being frank and honest; to talk about something else.

    So you put off writing that first article because it's easier to just ignore it, to bat it away and put it at the bottom of the to-do list like it's only a rainy-day option, but then you read other people's articles and your heart gets warmed and you think 'I want to write like that!' but then you think 'Why can't I write like that?' and the barrier smacks you in the face and then you sulk about being a scaredy-cat; about not being able to start and about not knowing where to start even if you did.

    And then you realise that, actually, this is exactly the sort of thing you should be talking about because it's on your mind and you've been inspired so very many times to talk about different things that are on your mind and now there's this platform where you can and you're not bloody getting on with it, so perhaps you should stop beating around the bush and just talk about this brute of a barrier...

    And how you've just knocked it down.

    Hello, Cowbird :)

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