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  • Yesterday night I had a dream about a mysterious snake. It was a big snake, like a python and it was given to me by a sort of magician in a ship. The magician was frightened; the snake had to be passed to me to sort out some difficult situation I was supposed to know about in my dream, but now I don't remember it. I took the snake from the ship and brought it at home. I knew it possessed a huge power; I was a little bit afraid of it (or rather aware that it could do a lot of harm) but I KNEW it would never harm me. There was a possibility to somehow transform the snake into a lace-thing that was neutral and harmless, but I did not want to do this. I wanted to keep the snake so as it was, in spite of its potential danger. Someone told me that the snake had a magic power in Simarilion mythology and my snake was related to this. A child I love came and gave the snake a furry toy to eat; the snake almost swallowed it, but I got the toy out of its mouth. It was a pity to waste the child's toy and also-the snake could not eat furry things. I had to give him massive quantities of something like fish coming out of a big can. I knew all would be fine. The snake would sort out whatever problem was at hand; the snake would protect me.

    It was not a nightmare-rather a positive dream. I was sorry to have missed my giant reptile in the dream realms when I woke up. But it MUST mean something positive; it created such a beautiful feeling of security in me ♥

    This story is a genuine nightmare. It was first published on the Nightmare page (I created this page on FB) on 6 May 2012:

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