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  • In my dreams I stand on the beach facing a storm. The Millicent Sea reaching out in a hurry to taint me, I hear voices echoing, I feel the piercing wind sting my body with sand, numb with pain I look up. The moon full and red it is so large I can almost touch it, My surroundings are eerie, Screaming shadows black as midnight, the sky black as pitch.

    I am naked, my body dead still unable to move, my loose hair waving viciously in the harsh wind as if to represent my very soul trying desperately to escape, my shivering flesh glowing in the darkness as if the sand has painted me. My left hand clenched in a fist so tight my nails cut deep into my hand blood drops falling slowly onto the sand, the sea as if ravenous swiftly crawls up the beach to taste the sweet red - like a predator, satisfied each time fading away but staying close impatiently waiting for more.

    In my right hand, I hold the heart of a demon still beating - the pulses linked to my own. Down my back are seven wounds deep and gushing, seven each a different marking. In my womb 2 dead babies, a large talon scratch running downward left to right. I had been violated in every way imaginable, my soul screaming, terrified - My lips silent as the moon.

    A piercing scream sounds off, then another and another and another, 7 screams, 7 faces shaking uncontrollably. 7 shadows enter me, Faces screaming and shaking trapped now within me trying to get away again. I won’t let them. My eyes light up white.

    All things around me begin to blur and silence. I feel a female presence behind me her cold wet hands caress my face her full lips kiss my right ear, “walk into the sea” she perniciously whispers.

    My body slowly starts moving toward the sea, everything inside me is screaming - ridden with anguish lustily begging me to stop. I walk on, sharp rocks jab into my feet, near cutting me down.

    Body trembling, Faces screaming reaching out, voices echoing – She starts dancing around me seductively pulling me closer to the sea, humming with a shrill Siren’s voice, louder she sings – close now to the Hungry water my ears start to bleed, the noise never leaving – the screams ever tormenting.

    My right hand rises as if to offer the heart to the ocean – I am there. The Giant mouth of the Ocean caves all around me, “rid me of this madness” I finally whisper. 7 pitched screams, 7 evil faces trying to tear out of me, the Demon heart pounding harder and Faster – the Sea witch behind me kissing my ear with treachery, the water crashing down ,the Demon heart exploding - a smile on my face.

    Finally peace in my head –

    I wake up in the dead of night to find... 7 demons around my bed.

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