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  • There was a hill in Louisville, Kentucky that my great Uncle lived on. His name was Stanley Moser his wife was Audrey. They have lived their whole life there and had a successful wine company called Moser wine. We started to visit more because he was aging fast.

    Whenever I'm about to enter the terrain of the hill, it reminds me of waiting in a line to get on a roller coaster. The anxiety of the wait, but the fun you expect. The hill isn't just any hill, its more of a mountain going up it. The roads are so narrow that it causes the railings to be afraid of heights. The steepness of the roads create a rollercoaster type affect. As I go up I hear the imaginary ticking in the road expecting the car to drop off into a steep decline, but the road only gets steeper and steeper as I go up.

    When I reach the top of the hill the view sucks the air out of my lungs, leaving me breathless for the first moments entering the tip of the hill. I see the town of Louisville under me like tiny blades of grass under a tree line. I notice a ripped american flag shredded from right to left right in front of the town's view. The woods compliment the red, white, and blue patterns the flag bares, keeping nature in sync with the flag, showing its respect by keeping the flag in plain sight. The wounded flag watches over the town with confidence and assurance, but only because nature is watching over the flag. Even though harsh winters and hot sticky days have weathered the flag, it still stands tall. Nature has a reason for letting the flag stay.

    Every visit I have taken, I never noticed the flag until my last unknowing visit. Somthing inclined me to take it. Maybe the trees lined up perfectly catching my view, or maybe the sun reflecting off the flag screamed for my attention. Whatever the case was, nature wanted me to record that moment of the flag flowing in the breeze, that was slowly dieing. Come to find out my great uncle passes away before i'm able to take another visit up to his house.

    Nature has a way with coincidences. The flag predicted my future and didn't warn me but informed me of my great uncles coming death. nature and man communicate through the creations nature has made, telling us that we won't live forever, but we can live through the nature of others

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