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  • For as much as I love the stars, I turned my attention to the moon tonight. perhaps it was because through the haze it was a yellow moon, and the stars could not be seen. If the moon had seen the lightning bugs, it would not have known the difference, though. It would not have felt so alone.

    Lightning bugs differentiate between each others' genders by the sequence in which they flash their tiny bodies, on and off, and on and off again. Occasionally, a female will mimic the sequence in which a male flashes, lure another unsuspecting female to her, and eat her. I read it in a book.

    Last night, when the starry sky was lit by heat lightning, I swear that the neon, fluttering follies flashed back at the sky in the same manner. The lightning bugs wanted to eat the lightning, I think because they were jealous that they were not the first creatures into which god injected such luminescent brilliance. They wanted to devour the sky.

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