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  • There's a lot of healing that needs to be done and it's almost impossible, actually. You could say that really we are in the business of creating a Miracle here on earth. I'm saying it's something that is impossible from an old understanding of reality, but possible from a new one, and in fact it's necessary. And, in fact anything less than that isn't even worth trying.

    - Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics

    I'm standing on a fire escape in Soho. Below me, thousands of protestors march towards Wall St. Joyous, angry, tired, dancing, spinning, marching masses.

    But newspapers will report tomorrow that "hundreds" of protestors rallied around the country. This tidal wave of humanity and creativity will be described as a "dud."

    "We are unstoppable, another world is possible!" -- "Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!"

    Tomorrow I will read those papers, and feel my blood get hot. I was there, I will want to shout, I saw those people, I marched beside them. I saw a police officer smiling and tapping his feet to the crazy brass band. I saw nurses marching side by side with high school students and anarchists and city council members and clowns.

    And their message was as clear as it has always been:

    Everywhere we look the world is horribly out of balance.

    How can we trust a system that is so corrupt and so broken to fix itself?

    Why do so few have so much when so many have so little?

    While the tabloids mock and misreport, the "liberal" media will largely ignore this day. The New York Times will give it a few inches on A20, not much more than a dutiful account of arrests.

    I will feel a dull ache in my heart. How will anything change? How loud must we shout? How much patience must we have? How much determination?

    But I don't feel that right now. Right now I am awestruck, right now I am shouting. I look north towards Union Square and then south towards Bowling Green, trying to see the end of the march.

    Right now I can't see the end of the march.

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