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  • “A colony of 40,000 ants has approximately the same number of brain cells as a single human being.”

    on the 25th june 2011 a SUV

    drove into the wall of the maternity ward

    of a hospital in azra district, afghanistan

    and detonated

    killing the driver and 35 others

    including at least 13 children

    on that same day the ants invaded our kitchen

    at first i vacuumed them, one by one

    and although this had the benefit of being both inexpensive and easy

    i could see that it was not going to be an effective strategy

    long term

    and so ducked under the kitchen sink for the large bottle of

    tesco thick


    citrus bleach

    on the fifth of july a roadside bomb

    and a car bomb

    exploded simultaneously outside a council building in taji, iraq

    35 people were killed

    i drenched the floor and surfaces with that stuff daily for a fortnight

    watched them squirm and thrash as the chlorine gas fused with the

    water in their cells forming an acid that burned them up from inside

    melting their hearts and minds

    over a two week period in july unmanned drone attacks killed 97 alleged militants

    in pakistan, afghanistan and yemen

    although the truth is that their actual status

    and identity

    is difficult to determine as the bodies are often

    dismembered and commingled,

    indistinguishable from each other or indeed

    any other

    cooked meat

    shortly afterwards they returned undaunted, thin black lines of them

    trickling in from the garden to the food cupboards

    and back


    500g of homebase ant killer sowed around the cracks in the flagstones, the doors and the windowsills

    and whenever i saw one i piled the white powder the


    high over its body like a young child on the beach

    burying dad in the sand

    in char china district, afghanistan, anti-government fighters told an

    8 year old girl

    to take a package to a police car and as she drew close

    remotely detonated the explosive device hidden within it

    they were dying i knew

    but not fast enough

    so i carefully planted 4

    ant stop bait stations, each containing food

    spiked with a poison that causes

    paralysis and death


    giving the ant time enough to take some of the bait food

    back to the colony, infect other ants who in turn infect others

    until the entire colony suffers

    paralysis and death and that

    i thought

    was that

    but last week

    my 6 year old daughter awoke screaming

    from a dream of being covered in them



    yesterday more than 20 bombs exploded in cities and towns across iraq

    killing 36

    and as I write this

    a single ant

    is advancing steadily

    across the table



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