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  • It was last friday. I was only thinking about getting home after a long day, treat me some nice dinner, get a shower and go to bed.

    And I then checked Facebook as I usually do. A friend had posted a link to a local newspaper article about some gunmen that had opened fire in a bar in his neighborhood that very day. I didn't pay much attention to the fact, and before judging me for it, please consider that I was very tired and that this is not precisely an uncommon event in Chihuahua.

    But I asked my friend how was his family since the bar was near his house, and he said that everything was ok. And so i went to have my long hot shower.

    When I came back I found out my friend's grandfather worked as a musician at the bar, and had lost his life.

    So I finally paid attention to what I should've paid attention much earlier: the event was one of the bloodiest, most senseless of the year, thus far. 15 people died in one single bar, one single night.


    My friend's granpa's funeral was saturday night.

    The entire family were shedding tears. And some were very angry.

    Angry at something, I didn't have the courage to ask them. And no, it is not obvious. Not if you live this everyday and don't know what to do, and frustration keeps you down, and you don't have the slightest clue of who to blame, or what to do to protect your dear ones, or until what point you should continue your regular habits.

    But they were finally, and definitely angry.

    Most people are usually indifferent.

    Some moms are scared.

    But it will be always surprising how most people are indifferent. That is until it's their turn to experience some of it.

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