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  • There is a woman that I love. Crystal Michelle is her name. That's it, the whole thing Crystal Michelle. Unless she's suited up for Derby, then she becomes MissHell Michelle. I know MissHell well and I love her like I love Crystal. They are one in the same to me, the light and the dark. She is power and passion and a stone spirit that takes patience and creativity and determination to move.

    I love her and I almost lost her once, twice, three times. She would say she almost lost me. We have never really left each others side though we are no longer together. Not together like we were before. Not only does our individual paths keep us apart but so too do the miles between us. It's a good thing though we hate it. Proximity draws us together and the distance is necessary right now to keep us on the paths we've chosen. There is a hope between us that we will walk together again side by side, but we are going to allow life to teach us how to get there.

    Last weekend we found time to connect and it was sweet and deep and wonderful. Like the best of our times in the four years we've been together it swept us up and away and we never want to come down. So, we haven't, not really. Her crystal clacks against a bead in my hair and every time it does it sings her name softly to me. Crystal, it whispers, Crystal. I anticipate her. I dream of her. I worry though I know she's capable. I love her. So, in the midst of our connection I drew inspiration from her, she my muse, and I wrote this for her, for our love. Now I wish to share that love with all of you.

    Billie Holiday croons in the background.

    Singing to us of what could have been.

    Smoke lingers like memories in the air.

    Heavy like love.

    Thick like thieves we steal away to our little distant place.

    Together like we were for only a snatch of time.

    But it’s as good as it ever was, better, if also worsened by the inevitable distant future.

    Growing roots together turning them white with the wake of our lives as we intertwine ourselves, your hair in mine, my hair in yours too heavy to carry, too precious to let go.

    We disappear into time and do that thing we do so well.

    Rolling through the clouds counting the stars.

    Riding the earth through space like a tunnel of love gondola.

    Caressed by the wind we make love while the man in the moon sings to us of forever.

    We laugh together as curious ears ferret us out and and tisk with admonishment.

    There is no fear here. No caution or care. There is no danger.

    There is only passion, only love, only us.

    The greatest love, our only desire.

    The heavens conjoin us heart to heart

    Body and soul

    The binding complete

    may nothing break it

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