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  • (Swan by Dale Ford:

    I was fired, after 7.5 years of loyalty to my...not mine...her company. I used to be a favorite; cherished for my creativity, the vision, the talent. But I grew weary of being used, even though I enjoyed having an outlet. I would joke with friends, "I really need a new pimp." Then my current "pimp" fired me and a freaked.

    A few weeks prior I dreamt I was in a leadership meeting and a colleague threw me a white swan. She said, "Here, i thought you might want her." In the dream I felt enraged, in that my 5 year old already had my house populated with 5 pets. What was I going to do with a swan???? I can't take care of a swan.

    In waking life, this same employee, in my speculation, had a hand in my firing. In waking life I felt enraged at her, for betrayal, for lying, for selling me out for…something? I don't know what, perhaps an attempt to find her own favor with the "pimp". What I didn't know then, was the swan was my gift. A gift to the one too loyal to leave what is harming her. This week I wrote my colleage this email…with a picture from the corner of my new office. It bares the amazing image above.

    And...I am learning to love, my new pimp. I've known her for a long time...all my life.

    "Corner of my new office in the attached picture. 

    Thanks for the swan.

    It is awesome learning to take care of her.



    The Swan is one of the most powerful 
and ancient of totems.

    As you begin to realize your own true beauty,
 you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers.

    Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty 
within yourself and in others.

    A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness 
and the development of intuitive abilities.

    Swan people have the ability to see the future,
 and to accept the healing and transformation 
that is beginning in their lives.

    Accept your ability and go with the flow.

    Stop denying you know who is calling when the phone rings.

Pay attention to your hunches and inner knowledge, 
and Swan medicine will work through you.

    The Swan's call teaches the mysteries of song and poetry, for these touch the child and the beauty within. 


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