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  • When I go grocery shopping, I usually park near the cart corral (and I didn't even know that that's what it's called until I just Googled "shopping cart shelter," but apparently that's what it's called - a corral).

    Saturday, when I opened my car door beside the cart corral, I was greeted by this graffiti painted on the side. I took a photograph of it, because I'm doing a photo project on graffiti and street art.

    But the more that I look at this photo, the more I wonder - is it really graffiti?

    I mean, it's vandalism. It's not supposed to be there. But it's also a heck of a lot more cheerful than most tags, or gang and anarchy symbols.

    So I'm making up a story about this graffiti.

    - It was put there by an artist, who's spreading random acts of happiness. They're trying to make people smile.

    - It was painted by a parent, for their child.

    - It was put there by the girlfriend of one of the grocery store guys who picks up all the carts and takes them back into the store.

    I'd like to make graffiti like this, BTW.

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