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  • As a matter of fact the word Fututina is not used anymore in the Spanish spoken today across the Dominican Republic and has been replaced over the years and over the progressive migrations from the countryside to the city by far less evocative (and less poetic?) words, such as “Cabaret”, “Burdel”, “Casa de mujeres libres” etc.

    However, a few Fututinas still exist, usually at the very end of dusty roads, in the middle of rice or cane plantations, especially in the deepest, poorest south of the country just as if time had stopped there, forever. A theatre of flesh, sweat, dirty nails and wasted lives where the most basic human rights and the simplest social rules do not exist.

    Fututinas are rural "entertainment" centers, with a music system closely positioned next to a small “pista de baile” (dance platform), blaring distorted Bachatas and Merengues all night long. A few plastic or metal chairs and tables are around such “pista de baile” where the clientele sits drinking rum and beer while getting to "know" the girls.

    After a little dancing and a lot of drinking, clients usually pay a fee to the Fututina owner –“la salida”- in order to have the girl to themselves for a while. The girl will then take the client to her windowless cubicle at the back where she sleeps and eats during the day. The no-frills sex transaction happens there.

    These working girls are mostly from extremely poor families. They are from different parts of the country. Sometimes as far as the neighboring, starving, Republic of Haiti. They travel from a Fututina to the next on monthly rotations, usually while they menstruate.

    Welcome to the world of rural prostitution, a world you wouldn’t want to get too close to. Neither as a sex worker nor as a client. A very rough paradigm where political correctness and human respect as we know it are not conceivable.

    Music :

    "El cuento triste" performed by Armando Rosario

    Recorded live on location by Giovanni Savino

    © Giovanni Savino / Magnetic Art Productions

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