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  • I planted out my peas and broccoli seedlings just now.

    I contemplated their worth.

    I counted 15 broccoli seedlings needing transplanting. If all do well I will have 15 plants all ready for harvest at around the same time.

    At the right time, I will have to harvest them, whether for seed or food, to honour their worth.

    15 is manageable.

    I also have lettuce and cabbage, cauliflower and brussel sprouts to plant out before I move onto the next batch of seedlings. Am I getting my effort's worth?

    I know I am, but I can see it as a topic for debate between those who do it and those that don't.

    Here's the thing, buying vegetables from the grocer is very convenient. But to be absolutely fair, it is the convenience you are paying for, by definition.

    What you are not getting though, is a product that benefits you beyond the intake of vital nutrients to keep your body fed and alive.

    I have grown up on grocer veggies, they work fine. Organic or not, food is necessary, but is convenience? Is it convenient not knowing how to grow your own? Is it convenient to depend on some one for something that your life depends on. Sure it is, we do it all the time.

    I don't know, but I think it would be VERY inconvenient to have no food when the end of the world comes. I'm not saying I think the end of the world is coming, but the elephant in the room is, that in a couple of generations, the majority of us don't know how to gather food towards ourselves, without depending on the grocer. Has their ever been a time in human history where the majority don't know how to grow food?

    Majority? no

    don't know how? no

    maybe didn't like to, or did not do it well, but, not know HOW to? majority? No

    We're so modern now, we don't even know how to grow food.

    I am giving it my best shot, but am I independent?


    That is an elephant in the room.

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