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  • Under

    the warm

    trickle of soothing water,

    I stand in the old

    and ancient shower

    thinking about sleep patterns

    within the vastness of concrete

    in this downtown loft

    beneath 14 foot ceilings.

    I can easily recall

    the maddening effort of dreams,

    the same dreams I've had

    over and over,


    perhaps similar dreams

    of the other artists

    who have lived here before me,

    who have also dreamt in color

    and about color

    just like me.


    last night

    I dreamt about

    the color green...

    the elegant green of jade


    the sparkling green of emeralds,

    the lovely

    yet filthy green of paper money,

    as well as all the greens of nature,


    and even garden hoses.


    the green mold

    found on old bread and cheese,


    the green of algae

    prospering along the moist edges

    of this shower.



    slow-moving drain,

    stopped-up and clogged

    no doubt from the hair

    of a hundred different artists

    who dwelled in this drafty place

    over so many years,


    who found both love and hatred,

    people very much like me I suppose

    who've gone the distance

    twice over

    only to find doubt with both.



    like me,

    rising with great hope

    each and every day

    much like cold dust

    blasted by an anxious breath,

    only scattered farther

    by the ambiguity of dreams.



    for a towel

    to dry myself off,

    I think about the previous tenants,

    so curious of the other artists


    where they are today.

    as far as I know,

    none of them ever became famous

    or even important

    or that accomplished,


    some I've heard

    have gone crazy

    and there have been more

    than a few who have since died,


    the entire matter

    quickly adds up to possibly nothing more

    than probably having

    so many dreams


    in color.



    ©2016 Miles Ciletti

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