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  • Critical time

    7 billion on the planet...

    we are transforming our home

    we must adapt

    we must move to a new drum beat

    turn away from the culture of competition

    the who's bigger, badder, richer

    borders and walls must come down

    We live this culture of contest...

    government is a contest of power greed

    education a contest of grading and recognition

    recreation is even a culture of contest

    religion too

    we serve the strongest

    worship the strongest

    together but separate

    so much disparity


    what we need is co-operation



    we are the human tribe


    It's past time to become blind to borders

    remove barriers of skin, language, religion and wealth

    what faces one will eventually face us all

    We humans have been given the unprecedented capacity for cooperation

    we have great minds

    but competition


    does not support our best interest

    creativity is a strong motivator

    the desire for meaning

    the joy of working together

    is a deep source of motivation

    time has shown

    a culture of cooperation is






    I heard this the other day

    this novel thought


    ''the function of the state is to create wellness...''

    for the individual

    for the family

    for the nation

    for the planet..

    If at every crossroad

    at each of the 1000's of choices we make each day

    if every choice we made was the most compassionate, life affirming choice...

    from what we purchase

    to who and what we vote for

    the world would change

    So I ask myself

    with each choice

    at each crossroad

    what if with true awareness

    I choose the most compassionate

    the one that will be most life affirming?

    for wellness

    What if each time I buy a product

    or when I vote

    for who and what

    what if I choose the one that will create wellness



    for humans and for the planet?

    What if you did too?

    simple simple

    the gift of free will..

    It's been proven...10% is all it takes

    just 10% for the population to agree and shift the consciousness of our nation

    which 10% is up to us

    It is the nature of our character that will decide what our world will be...

    is profit the bottom line...





    or will we shift to wellness?

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