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  • Miss Fiji was so patient with me.

    She knew I was in awe of her, so she cut me some slack.

    Told her I’d never been on a horse before… She decided to be kind.

    We rode through the brush together it was rough, me dodging branches and spider webs, clinging to her while trying to not to regret this excruciating excursion until… She brought me to the beach. Where, the sand was blinding white, overexposed against the shimmering water in breathtaking shades of blue: sky, turquoise, azure, sapphire…and diamonds … the horizon seemed infinite, you could not tell where the ocean ended and the sky began. That seemingly peaceful, void of human, deep, unforgiving sea that On Miss Fiji’s back,

    Seems like,

    Feels like,


    There, that day on horseback, God spoke to me.

    Heaven is right here; there are angels on Earth, and I don’t matter – me.

    My problems, the people who hate me, love me, fear me, dislike me – you, don’t matter. We. Just are: Stardust, plasma… miraculous microcosms of an ever-expanding universe. Truth. No horseshit. Wait… a little horseshit… lobster food.

    We waded in the glassy water Miss Fiji and me.

    God smiled at us with bright sunshine, hugged us with sunbeams, tickled my toes and splashed Miss Fiji’s legs with warm gentle waves. Baptized by the ocean, awe-inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the bluest sky I’d ever seen, we rode back through the trees, that trying terrain, a narrow, webby branch-laced, stone-littered trail that was somehow, this time, a little less trying and a little less terrifying, less burnt, more green… the lesson,

    Hell, it seems,

    Is the path to


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