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  • So often you would take me on your journey. You’d make an egg salad sandwich with lettuce on top for me and a butter and chopped black olive sandwich for you packed in a picnic basket and off we’d go in your pale yellow Camaro. We didn’t have to listen to the radio because we had each other’s company and conversation to keep us occupied.

    With the windows down and the summer breezes blowing combined with the sounds of the traffic on the busy highway 12 we added to that clamor with our resounding voices singing “You Are My Sunshine”, all of the verses! And then it was quiet as we continued onto one-lane roads that curved around Lake Minnetonka with its grand estates. Surrounding each of the townships along the lake were tiny bays, each with their own unique personality. We had our lunch at Brown’s Bay, sitting on a sunny patch of grass just shy of the lake near where the public boat dock area saw unending traffic, especially on a weekend afternoon. But we had things to do today, so we packed up our picnic basket and took off toward the next bay looking for Ned Butterfield’s flower farm.

    I was always inspired at the number of people you knew from all walks of life. Ned was so happy to see you and took you by the hand to show off some of his newest and most beautiful creations. It was if we were transported to another planet solely made of flowers, all varieties, all colors, and that fragrance in the air was if we had spilled all your bottles of perfume.

    The next leg of our journey you said was to find antiques at Mr Stubbs in Stubbs Bay. But getting there was through all the winding roads crossing bridges that linked one part of the chain of lakes with another. I remember asking you over and over again whether we were lost and your calm reply was “sometimes you may not know exactly where you are, and you might even have to navigate the detours that will ultimately take you to your destination, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy each and every site along the way.” You kept driving and to me it felt like we were going in circles. I started to get scared that we would never find our way back home. You put your hand on my knee and reassuringly said, “you’ll never be lost with me”.

    You were right mom. We took so many journeys to places known and unknown and as long as we were together I was never lost.

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