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  • These tapes where recovered from an abandoned house in the infected Chicago Illinois area


    May, 10, 2033

    It's been three and a half years since the 10.I virus out brake. Everyone I know is most likely dead. The infected have been a problem in the city. I've moved outside the city of Chicago, because most of the infected have been moving into the city. After finding a small neighborhood, I settle in with my pup Maggie.


    Aug, 7, 2033

    We've been on the out skirts of Chicago for months, and the infected are becoming more rare. I could say the same for normal people. I think its safe here. Maggie and i have found food, water, supplies, and working pistols with ammo.


    Oct, 15, 2033

    I lost Maggie today. The infected are coming back, looking for food most likely. I have to be more cautious now. I'm running low on supplies. I wasted my molatoves on a unsuccessful supply run. I found a radio station, so i sent out a S.O.S. with my location for hope some one will answer my call. I did my best to hold down the station, but soon i was out numbered. I made a fast escape to my first hide out. Their getting more dangerous now. It wont be much longer.


    Dec, 25, 2033

    it's been hell the last few weeks. The infected are everywhere. I've ran out of food and there's only one bullet left. I have 5 shivs, but they wont do me much good. As we speak their outside my door, banging and screaming. It wont take them long to get in. If your out there, I'm so sorry Mom, Dad, Erik, Jasmine. I'm sorry for not being there, I'm sorry for not helping you. I love you all, and always will. I cant wait to see you all again, but i have to except my faith........ *click*...... Marry Christmas and Happy New Years....... *BANG*

    Recording Ended

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