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  • So here I am.

    My second story ;

    Same topic: Love ;

    But for a different person.

    The first one was my first love.

    This one?


    I am hoping this would be my last ;


    (Yeah, unfortunately, there is the "but" word ;

    Which is scary.

    I know.

    It will make you think.

    Overthink, actually.

    So going back)


    Here we are.

    The two us.

    Struggling to make things work.

    You, on autopilot ;

    Me, doing my best to bring you back.

    It sucks.

    Because I am the reason why you're there ;

    In that sitch.

    And I don't think I will ever ;

    Ever ;

    Forgive myself.

    You were so precious.

    Why could I do that to you?

    How could I do that?

    I can't take anything back.

    I can't sulk.

    I need to prove to you;

    I must prove to you that this is still worth it.

    It was.

    And it still is.

    You are worth it.

    We are worth it.

    I'm giving my all to have faith in us.

    I won't give up.

    Just have faith ;

    Let's have faith.

    I love you, S ;

    No matter what.

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