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  • There

    are voices

    simply everywhere.

    one of them comes from afar,

    comes from the rail yard

    over a bunch of loudspeakers a mile long,

    sounding like it's 50 thousand watts strong

    saying the most inane things

    in the 3am stillness of my night

    that probably nobody understands

    or cares to listen to.



    then there's

    a voice on the corner

    less than a block away.

    it too is loud and quite profane,

    surging with a vile sounding cackle,

    saying crazy things

    mostly about God and the devil

    over and over

    that likely no one wants to deal with

    or give any satisfaction to

    by listening.



    there's a voice

    way far deep inside of me

    demanding all of my attention

    by tempting me with dark genius

    and telling me so many kinds of things,

    but yet all at once

    until it soon becomes cluttered


    a muffled cacophany of confusion,

    quickly disabling me farther

    and recklessly drawing me closer

    to the sharp edge of a razor blade.



    there's a voice

    right beside me in bed,

    a warm and lovely feminine voice

    so very crisp with the light of reason,

    applying itself with love

    rather than ambition

    by asking me

    if I'm all right...?



    of course

    there's my voice,

    suddenly now

    so full of confidence and calm,

    even with a touch of bon vivant to it,

    immediately speaking and reassuring her

    that everything is just fine



    couldn't be better




    for merely asking.






    (c)2015 Miles Ciletti

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