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    talon-ted osprey

    grabbing fish from the river

    for fledglings dinner


    squawking seagull cries

    loves to steal other bird's fish

    complains all the time


    oyster catcher's beak

    so bright like a popsicle

    orange, red, pink mix


    tuxedoed skimmer

    glides across surface water

    along sandy shore


    bjf (c)

    Haiku honoring Cranes, sacred to Japan, which includes Okinawa

    rain lightly falling

    cranes under pine are busy

    preening their feathers

    spring time in Japan

    cranes welcome the warm weather

    standing in the sun

    early morning fog

    crane sits alone on the rock

    sleepy hazy day

    cranes flying over

    wide sweeping misty marshland

    will they land to rest

    crane waits at brookside

    over tiny rocks, waters

    are gently trickling

    bjf (c)

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