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  • How do you use art to expand human connection, empathy, and possibility? How can art expand the moral imagination?

    While many people can answer the first question without hesitation or contemplation, my art generally does not expand human connection, empathy and possibility. In fact, it gravitates towards the opposite end of the spectrum.

    My artwork, as demonstrated with the photograph attached to this story, is about the idea of disconnect between people and their environments, both physically and mentally. So, right away, human connection is an impossibility.

    There could be a debate if my art does expand empathy or not. While the viewer could try to immerse themselves as the character or characters in my photographs, there is not enough information for them to truly know what the people are feeling or even thinking about. These people have created a wall to protect themselves from the outside world, sheltering themselves from any form of negative impact onto their mental and/or physical beings. This also helps answer about possibility, since it gives a more unknown idea about the future with these people.

    For art to expand the moral imagination, however, that is a variable that differs from person to person. One person could have what is known as the 'moral high-ground,' and believe they are the ultimate moral authority figure while others think they are the most corruptible and immoral figure around. Everyone's morals are not alike, so for art to expand the moral imagination that is a wildcard with different interpretations of morality.

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