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  • In 2009, I asked my oldest daughter if she wanted to go to Teotihuacan in Mexico with me, she said she was afraid she would get to Mexico and not be able to get back in the USA. I reassured her that we would be able to get back in the country, and I had been there many times and always made it home. She said OK, she would go, but wanted to know what kind of bugs were there. I told her that the only ones she had to worry about were the Fire Ants and to make sure she stayed away from them because their bite really stung. I also checked the US government site to reassure her that there was no local guerilla fighting going on there, so we booked our flights and rooms at the local hotel and a couple months later we were on the plane and headed for Mexico.

    After a pleasant flight, and a fairly easy pass through customs, we caught our ride from Mexico City to our hotel in San Juan and the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Our adventure to the pyramids began the next day.

  • There is one area around the Citadel of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, that my Toltec teachers, in Don Miguel Ruiz' lineage, call the Sea of Hell, with a plaza in the middle that we call the Island of Safety, We begin our journey of transformation there by entering the mouth of the two headed serpent and continuing our 4 day journey down the Avenue of the Dead until we reach the Moon Pyramid, where we emerge transformed, from the second head of the serpent.

  • As my daughter and I wandered in the Sea of Hell, looking at our beliefs based on fear, that no longer serve us, she walked into a Fire Ant hill and decided to take a picture of it. But Fire Ants did not want her there and they ran up her legs and bit her several times. She wrote later that 'The fire ants got me while I was in the sea of hell and was dawdling and gawking at them. I subjected myself to their jurisdiction in the sea of hell and while I was distracted by their activities, they nailed me. Harsh lesson, but effective. It really did hurt all day! Nearly all the time'. (You can tell she is a lawyer). I told her that when you get out of the Sea of Hell, to remember to stay out of it and then love dissolves hate, and this puts you in Heaven on Earth.

    As a sideline, Justin Schmidt, a researcher from the Tucson based Southwestern Biological Institute, rated the bite of the Fire Ants on a scale of one to four, with one being the most painful. Their bite was ranked as a one.

  • Each day we would return to the pyramids and follow the Avenue of the Dead, being digested by the snake's belly and removing toxins in our body and mind. We stopped at various plazas where we relaxed and meditated. I took my traveling watercolors and paper with me and painted, while she took a notebook and wrote poetry at the Temple of the Women. In the complex, we traced the serpents body with our eyes, that was carved on the wall at the Well, and we could see the swelling of the serpent's body where it was holding and digesting food (us), and that was the place where we were at in our journey through the serpent's body. Later we talked about how the town that she grew up in was her Fire Ant.

  • On the third day, we made our way to the Butterfly Temple and the Temple of the Jaguar where we saw school students wearing face masks, and I thought it was very strange. We wondered if it was because there might be too much dust in the air. We had also discovered that both museums were closed. A couple of men asked if we would take their picture together and then we had them take our picture. They had heard that a young child had died south of Mexico City, from some new strand of flu and people were very afraid of it.

  • We decided to break the 'rule' that evening and turn on the TV when we got back to our room to see what was happening. We found the news in Spanish, with videos of the area by a pig farm, where the flu had broken out. Between the two of us and our limited Spanish, we managed to piece together some of what happened. We switch channels several times and finally found CNN and then we really understood the story and what was going on.

    It seems that the virus was a combination of swine flu and an old strain of flu from back in the 1950's, so the news reporters said that people who were around in the 50's most likely had gotten it and were immune to it. Remember we didn't have flu vaccinations back then, you just got it and your body built up an immunity to it, so I was safe, although my daughter was of course too young. The news said that the strain could only have been made in a laboratory and must have somehow gotten loose. The experts that were brought in to handle this 'emergency' just happened to be from the corporation that had lost/misplaced anthrax a few years before.

    This is beginning to sound suspicious we both said, and since it was so deadly that someone had died from it, people who were in Mexico who were to fly back to the states would be quarantined or maybe not allowed back in the country for awhile, they didn't know for sure how the government would handle that. Maybe they would take everyone's temperature before they got on or off the plane. 'OMG', my daughter's worst fear might be coming true, we might not get back in the country. I stayed calm, I knew it would work out.

    On the following days, we continued our journey down the Avenue of the Dead to the Sun Pyramid and explored the caves behind it.

  • Two days later, we headed for the airport, and it was almost deserted. We ate a large breakfast before we left as I didn't think we should eat lunch at the airport, not necessarily because of this mysterious flu, but because I had gotten sick once from the food there. The powers that be decided that we all had to fill out a questionnaire with a list of symptoms on it, and check whether we had any of them. We arrived back in the states with no problem.

  • When I got home, I immediately began catching up on grading assignments for my online classes. There was an email from one of the places where I teach, on the warnings about this newly discovered flu called N1H1, and that we all needed to get a flu shot for it. (I did not get one). The first deaths in the United States were in Texas, a woman who had recently given birth, and then a child in Houston who was from Mexico City died shortly after that. There was little mention in the news of what we had heard in Mexico, and it was all dramatic hype on the pandemic that was breaking out around the world, and farmers in foreign countries started killing all their pigs in the hope that this would stop the spread of the flu. If the pigs did have it, I would think all the pig blood would have been pretty dangerous too.

  • Be careful what you fear, it can sting you and hurt for a long time.

    Keep your body and mind as healthy as possible.

  • A tunnel with artifacts, has been found beneath the Citadel of Quetzalcoalt, see here,


    1. Mexican market

    2. Street scene in a small town

    3. Citadel of Quetzalcoatl

    4. Scene near Complex of the Women

    5. Snake carving with full belly at Complex of the Women

    6. Butterfly Temple

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