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  • I returned to University in a flurry of excitement two years ago. I was newly single, willing to throw myself into a new found love of theater and the people involved, and ready to engross myself in the small world that inhabits campus.

    I say that because too many students fail to see the opportunities that are offered to them. They lock themselves in expensive accommodation or the old life they lived. They see the time as one of change and expression but fail completely to grasp it themselves.

    That year was probably, and will probably be, one of the best.

    I sang my heart out in a musical with people who make me smile when I let their faces flicker in my mind's eye, met a girl I would travel to the moon and back for and did something of value with my nack for giving a damn. I wasn't as cynical as I am now, and I was a lot nicer. I would go back and live that year over and over if I could. I would freeze it in time and use it as a safe space when everything else in life drags me down.

    It does create a sadness in me though. In a Great Gatsby-ish kind of way, I want to recreate those feelings, those past events sometimes. Especially now. I'm back at University for a fourth year and most people have gone. Most people cannot see beyond the activist/political arse you had to be to get anything done guy anymore.

    I want to be naive, thin, happy Tom again.

    But at the same time, I don't.

    ONE of the best, I need to remember.

    Not THE best, just one of them.

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