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“Low-key, contemplative and deeply personal, the site is like Twitter in slow-motion.”
“Cowbird is determined to deepen the Web... We’re all battling hyper-connectivity. Cowbird offers another option: technological slow food. This is not longer, it’s longer-lasting.”
“Amid the clamor of most social media sites, on Cowbird everything slows down. There’s no rush. With that kind of beauty, why should there be?”
“Fast and agile like a bird, slow and ruminant like a cow, designed to be a narrative alternative to the data mayhem that fills the Web — a place where people can go deeply into the ‘ecstatic truth’ of human life.”
“Cowbird is a single interconnected place where the stories get interwoven, allowing people to find and share stories they might otherwise not discover.”
“It’s not just that the stories are great, it’s also the fact that Cowbird is beautifully designed, simple but interactive, a repository that seems to be in motion constantly, a place where depth is welcomed.”
“Cowbird and the ‘unfiltered voice’ of the Pine Ridge storytellers were a natural fit for National Geographic. This is a future that we’re terribly excited about and fully embracing. This just suits our DNA perfectly.”
“Users can use photos, audio and text on one seamless platform that attempts to build a library of human experiences.”
“A Wikipedia for life’s meaningful moments.”
“With Cowbird, Harris aims to revive letter writing in the digital era — providing the Internet generation with a deeper, more reciprocal means of communication than shouting into a disconnected social media void.”
“A new cultural force on the Internet.”
“A community of storytellers build an online library of human experience.”
“Everything about the site is designed to encourage reflection.”
“In an environment rife with frictionless sharing in the form of tweets, status updates, and reblogs, Cowbird aims to stand out as a place for heartfelt expressions of personal narratives.”
“It’s a project that aspires to no less than building a comprehensive public library of human experience.”
“The project is a brilliant remedy to the internet's fast, often thoughtless content; it begs contemplation and allows for a more creative and intimate way of sharing experiences.”
“A rich but feisty platform for documenting life.”
“New platform links the intimate moments that make up an event.”
“I am so in love with Cowbird. It could be the most elegant use of the web I have viewed to date.”
“I've just graduated and I am a little scared and Cowbird is one of the closest things to a map I have. Mostly, so far, it is telling me I can go in any direction, and to just try to do it with dignity and passion, which is the vaguest and best advice I think I have ever gotten.”
“The site is a wonder. My goosebumps are traveling all over this body, inside and out. Gratitude popping, especially for the vision and hands that made it real.”
“I just love how intimate the site is. Raw, unwashed connection into someone's deepest thoughts.”
“Cowbird is a beautiful world. It slows you down in the hustle of bustle of life. It inspires you with stories from amazing people. It is a place where you’re grateful for humanity. It’s a humbling experience to be part of it.”
“Just so human.”
“I just want to compliment you on the creation of a truly beautiful addition to the internet. The concept is so clean, the design is pitch perfect, and the underlying values shine through the experience and the community forming around it. I have been building software for over 25 years and I know how very hard it is to do something this well.”
“It is beautiful, powerful, sublime, exciting, inspiring, provocative... and so much more. Wow, oh wow. Thank you for imagining, engineering and building such a profoundly compelling community.”
“Being able to put that out into the world was a powerful experience. You've created an amazing, almost sacred, space.”
“I am usually overwhelmed with social networking sites and marketing via the internet, and this place feels like the exact opposite: warm, welcoming, beautiful, creative, and on and on. In short, I am so happy to be here with everyone.”
“I love the idea of online communes — I fully endorse cowbird as a ‘utopia in our times!’”
“You've not just gotten together a collection of experiences, but are on your way to creating an experiential taxonomy of everyday life, one that crosses generations and classes and brings us to regard what's universal even in each unique entry.”

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