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I can remember watching a documentary one evening many years ago where the director, Oliver Stone, was being interviewed. He made no secret of the fact that one of his many criteria, when auditioning aspirants for a specific role, was that the actor had to have been "blooded" by life. Initially, I thought that I had heard his comment incorrectly.

"Surely he meant to say 'bloodied' by life", thought I. So I rewound my recording of his interview to listen to that segment again.

I had heard Mr. Stone's comment accurately.

What I didn't anticipate was that it would resonate right to my synaptic connections and embed itself as a lens through which to view the world, and particularly my role in it, anew.

I am a sixty-three year old woman. In addition to the multiplicity of roles with which I obviously had a field day when filling out this profile, after you mentally include "list-maker", please feel free to include Mr. Stone's three words of wisdom.

"Blooded by life" . . .

I have been retired from the education profession for eight years now and I miss it not a WHIT. After thirty-two years, I have earned the right to throw away every timepiece that I own, sink into the decadence of pajama days and pursue my passion for writing - a passion that was eclipsed for far too long by the demands of other paperwork that will eventually be forgotten.

I have been "blooded by life". Given the oasis of time with which I have been blessed, I'd like to try to figure out how the hell that happened !

Mr. Stone ? I do believe I'm ready for my close-up.

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