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Ivonne Calzadilla-Gomez on Cowbird

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I was born on 9 May, 1956 in Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. I am a Cowbird citizen. I’ve told 8 stories. I joined Cowbird on November 13, 2013.

Born from the womb of a Santa Clarean woman where all the females in the family were named after the Virgin Mary, this created aunts that abounded with names such as Maria Elena, Maria Delia, Maria Victoria, Maria Ecetera (okay that one I added for a grin or two).

Mother of two daughters not named after the Virgin Mary but rather solid non-Hispanic names.

Wife to a man who references himself as Antonio Manuel Gomez Ledo with an accent on the o,but which "O"?

Raised in Miami Beach during the 60's and 70's, peppering my language with a mix of carajos and oy vays.

I would venture to say that this created a solid background to create cultural confusion and creative ambivalence.

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