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Cowbird is a community of storytellers, sharing heartfelt, personal stories. We think you will find this to be one of the warmest and most human places on the Internet, and we ask you to follow a few simple rules to help us keep it that way.

Be decent.

Cowbird is a global community of people from different cultures and backgrounds, often raised with different beliefs and social norms. This diversity can sometimes lead to awkward situations. Like a traveler in a foreign land, please be gracious, respectful, and courteous to those you meet along the way. Authors who insist on being hateful, libelous, or repeatedly rude will be asked to leave our community.

Be humble.

Cowbird is a space for self-reflection, not self-promotion. Please don’t use Cowbird to promote your company, brand, organization, product, or yourself. It is fine to include a “call to action” at the end of a story, but please make sure that the story stands on its own as a story, and that it doesn’t feel like an ad.

Be yourself.

Cowbird is a place for sharing your experience of life, not for sharing links to stuff you like (there are many other places for that). Please don’t post pop songs, stock photos, clip art, screenshots, or other recycled stuff. If you’re uploading audio, please make sure it’s original, and that you either wrote it, performed it, or own the copyright. This will go a long way towards making Cowbird feel authentic, refreshing, and human. As for pen names — they are totally fine. Many authors wish to tell stories anonymously, and you're certainly free to do that.

Be legal.

Cowbird is committed to building a public library of human experience, and human experience is not always pretty. It can be ugly, messy, violent, and lewd. But there is a balance to strike, and we have to abide by the law. Please don’t post copyrighted material, pornography, hate speech, or other illegal content.

Please don’t...

As a Cowbird storyteller, you may post stories, data, information, text, music, sound, photographs, images, graphics, messages, tags, or other materials (which we call "Content").

By participating in Cowbird, you agree that:

  • You will not post pornographic or sexually explicit Content.
  • You will not post Content for which you have been compensated (e.g., product placement, advertisements, or other promotion).
  • You will not post Content that exploits or is intended to harm children (e.g., child pornography).
  • You will not post Content that promotes hate speech, including the promotion of hate or violence towards groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.
  • You will not post Content that promotes violence or threatens people.
  • You will not post Content that includes the intellectual property rights of others without their permission, or otherwise violates their rights to privacy or publicity.
  • You will not publish another person’s personal and confidential information on Cowbird.
  • You will not mislead or confuse viewers by pretending to be someone else (however, pen names are totally fine if you wish to tell stories anonymously).
  • You will not engage in illegal activities or promote dangerous and illegal activities.
  • You will not intentionally interfere with other’s use of Cowbird, including by transmitting viruses or malicious code.
  • You will not use Cowbird to violate any law that might apply to you or Flaming Toast Productions, LLC., including any export laws.
  • You will not access, use, or exploit Cowbird or Cowbird Content for any commercial purposes, except as permitted by our Terms of Service. Nothing in this restriction shall act as a limit on what you can do with your own Content.

You are welcome to report () suspected violations of our Community Guidelines, but Cowbird reserves the sole right to determine whether a violation has occurred and what actions to take in response to a reported violation.

Happy Cowbirding!

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