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Edelgard Marancia on Cowbird

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My name is Edelgard Marancia.

I am an animation continuity co-ordinator and dreamer. I live in Cape Town, Province of the Western Cape, South Africa. You can also find me here. I’ve told 3 stories. I joined Cowbird on July 21, 2012.

Movies . . . people, life, stories and the way these stories are told – THAT, grips me!

This epic story called LIFE, curls my toes, melts my heart, allows me to bubble over with laughter, makes my eyes water, forces me to face my fears & encourage me to embrace it anyways! Whoever said ‘It’s a jungle out there’ – obviously never had a sneak peek inside my mind. From the real impenetrable corners of my secret world the digestion is almost audible. Just about every morsel of thought gets regurgitated – undergo a metamorphosis that’ll make it worthy of becoming part of a Master Piece . . .

Those eyeballing the blank pages with heightened anticipation of the life transforming story-telling that will flow from my within might just have to wait a tiny little longer.

This ‘ROME’ is getting painstakingly built - one pebble at a time . . .

Not absolutely everything is cast in black & white ... but nevertheless, I am after the t.r.u.t.h. & my real DESTINY!

What makes me tick? >> Human expression, stationary, books, photos, the way paper feels after being typed on using a vintage typewriter, making lists, hand-written note-cards and letters, being eccentric . . . brings out my inner glow! The future has arrows pointing in every direction >>> my gaze is fixed upon the ones that indicate: writing, seeing local & foreign family/friends many times over again, that special guy, motherhood – raising creative kids . . . live to be a 100, telling grandchildren stories about life & love from a rocking chair, retrospect – a life well lived (page through journals), travel, suck up nature, feel the blue sky, be engulfed by the miracle gift of LIFE.

Life is to be lived & loved – this adventure on earth is short, messy, dramatic, mind blowing – it beckons you and me to express ourselves – but more importantly to share our experiences; to reach out and touch those that need some added flavour to their ‘n.o.w’. Allow your 100% uniqueness to just ooze through the cracks of life.

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