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My name is Terri Kennedy.

I am a coach, observer, speaker, writer, and yogi. I was born in Greater Accra Region, Ghana. I live in New York, USA. You can also find me here. I’ve told 13 stories. I joined Cowbird on February 24, 2012.

My full name is Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy but most people call me Terri. I am a writer, artist and yogi at heart, even though I went to business school, spent many years in the corporate/media world and have various letters after my name. In the late 90s, I almost died. Now, I help people live to their fullest potential via coaching, speaking, workshops, writing, whole foods, yoga and simply being an example of what I call Power Living. I am a gluten-free vegetarian and I'm trained in Integral/Vinyasa Yoga, World Religions and Health/Life Coaching, so the mind-body-spirit connection is an important part of the practice. Power Living doesn't mean you're perfect; instead it means that you are living consciously, with full energy, making deliberate choices that are congruent with your values and vision. It's easy to say, but sometimes not as easy to do. That's where coaching comes in. I help you bridge the gap. Along the way, I learn more about myself as well. I care deeply about the state of the world, so I also spend time as a National Spokesperson for the American Heart Association, Ambassador for HealthCorps, part of the Braintrust for A New Way Forward Mentoring Initiative and as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. I love to travel and hope to share some of my inspirations and impressions. This picture was taken by Dwayne Watkins in Montego Bay, Jamaica. His keen eye captured the joy of the moment and the essence of Power Living.

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