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My name is sfodamong.

I haven’t told any stories. I joined Cowbird on December 8, 2012.

The sfodamong emerged into world in the year 2000 and was described as:

“The sfodamong is intrinsically an alien within the host body of human, resulting in the exhibition of the behaviour of a quasi-pseudo-scientist. Through generated computer-coded art, the sfodamong produces an archive of *knowledge* unlike any other. It uses human scientific theories and interprets them to construct science-fictitious-art that sustains its ongoing creation-research… Currently the sfodamong is developing the GUT Gezx theory of the SFOD universe. The GUT Gezx is a step towards a *Grand Unified Theory* which will describe a large class of observations and make predictions on the basis of a SFOD model that contains only a few arbitrary elements. Once the GUT is researched, the SFOD will be allowed to develop into more complex structures”.

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