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My name is LuckyMe Wilson.

I'm not sure if this is a profile story or supposed to be a real story, I'm getting terrible at reading instructions anymore. I do actually read them, but I forget, just like that. That's one reason I feel a need to tell any story I can remember. Because I can't seem to comprehend or remember everything the way I could just a few short years ago.

Whatever memories I have left, if they're worth having lived them they need to be told somewhere somehow and maybe somebody can glean a lesson or moral or something out of it.

Of all the "things" I've been in life, caregiver was the most natural and what I'd say was who I am or was. Not so anymore, as right now I NEED a caregiver. My husband was forced into that role against his very nature or so I would have thought, but he's done miraculously.

So that's the gist of where I am now. The stories will tell the rest. More than anything I'm a Jesus lover and trust fully in every word He said. That's on the spiritual side but as for the world. I love my family and pets. Probably should have been a veterinarian but circumstances, fate, whatever, that didn't happen so I became an RN and took care of people.

But never stopped loving my animals and pets.

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